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About Namaa

The beginning of Nama Company

The emergence of Nama in 2004 was in the form of a Saudi entity based on providing information technology services, whether in the form of services or products and providing them for all different types of companies (small, medium and large). A group of distinguished and distinguished experts who have more experience in the field of information and communications technology have increased than twenty Years of establishing a world of development to be the kiss of life for various companies in establishing a strong relationship with information technology

Company profile

our Vision

To be the favorite IT partner for our customers and delivers the highest possible value to society through state-of-the-art IT solutions, services, and consultations.

Our Message

Nama aims to provide information technology solutions, products and services to all of our customers, and this company is specially designed to meet their needs and their business requirements.


Why Namaa Company

Namaa World abides to provide high-quality services, solutions and products to its clients. Through fulfillment of their requirements, rather than provision of other services, Namaa abides to meets satisfaction of all of its clients.

Quality comprise one of the key components flagging our care for our customers

Continuous development we believe to be one of the permanent main objectives

Satisfying all of our clients through fulfilling their requirements

Our objectives

Namaa is distinguished with provision of a wide array of various and diverse services that target fulfillment of the equation of corporate and their relations linkage to information technology

Safe solutions, network support and information security

Namaa Company aims to provide sophisticated solutions to support networks, security and protection of information, that is, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, since any event or problem threatening the security triangle (confidentiality, safety and availability of information) is considered a security threat that must be dealt with and resolved and put in place mechanisms or procedures to avoid and reduce its effects .

Application development, big data solutions, and business intelligence

Namaa aims at more innovation and gaining a competitive advantage by providing specialized and high-quality application services and spreading a safe and high-performance business intelligence environment based on knowledge in the field of information technology capacity and maturity models by focusing on improving the work necessary to build an advanced system for all customers.

Providing consultations in the governance and digital transformation

Namaa Company provides a group of professional consultations to the government and private sector on the best ways in which they use their resources, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and how to convert weaknesses into strengths while strengthening strengths so that they reach their business objectives. Defining and distributing rights and duties among the main participants in the institutions and ensuring that the shareholders, members of the board of directors and managers understand them, as well as defining the rules and procedures for making decisions.

Providing and developing electronic services

Namaa Company provides a set of electronic services that keep pace with the times and the tremendous technical progress in the field of information technology, as Namaa has a team, capabilities and a correct understanding of electronic portal solutions, distance training, distance learning, e-learning services and electronic archiving, which helps the system to identify with the latest current technologies, apply and understand Comprehensive e-government and linking it with the relevant authorities.

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