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  • Namaa World Company provides customers the Digital and Electronic content service to help them provide high level learning and educational service. With cooperation with the company’s material experts, psychological and educational experts, Namaa World provides development of digital content authoring strategy, and general educational and technical specifications that ensure the project moves in the right direction, in order to achieve educational goals. This stage includes the analysis and design steps and includes:

    • Building an educational content map
    • Writing an instructional design strategies document.
    • Determine the requirements of the educational environment.
    • Establishing measurement standards used to evaluate the project and educational objectives.
    • Various evaluation programs through exercises, activities, tests and games.
    • Providing a guidance document used to identify the characteristics of the target people’s age and psychological stages.
    • Determine the mix of media used: audio, text, and visuals.
    • Establishing visual design standards.
    • The screen model, the clarity of the display language, and the symbols and fonts used to display the content.
    • Graphical user interface model and design compatibility.
    • Design and technical design standards document for e-books.

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