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Electronic Archiving

The application of electronic content management solutions is the right solution for companies and governments to develop and improve departments and departments and the full utilization of data and information, but this solution is not complete without the presence of content and logical sequence and logically stored in the new electronic data warehouse. The process of transferring paper content to the electronic data warehouse is usually stressful and difficult. It contains many stages: receiving, separating, scanning, improving the quality of the electronic version, indexing and reordering, quality control, and finally returning the documents to the paper archive. The Namaa Company has developed a unique methodology to manage the electronic archiving process covering all previous stages and using multiple types of scanners. And use of global programs such as LaserFish, which can manage the archiving process in the best way.

  • The use of technological solutions and archiving methodologies with experience and reliability enables
  • Support large projects that require a fast turnaround cycle and high quality deliveries.
  • Convert and save important data, images and documents in a secure and easy-to-access digital image as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid the dangers of document and document preservation Using our leading scanning, cataloging and e-archiving services

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