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To provide total risk management solutions, network and website security, data and application security in addition to systems development security services and protection of source codes and software assets, Nama's information security services are designed to target integrating the security procedures and tools as an integral component of applications and communication networks. In addition, they comprise a focal support for the potential or current IT infrastructure of our customers. .

  • Network Security
  • This service includes hardware and software necessary to secure various layers of the network. It goes all the way from physically associating a service to a specific network outlet or device, grouping through policies or domains, source/destination based, protocol based, server based, channel based, link based, and so on.
  • Sites Security
  • This service offers deploying physical access control systems topologies including serial controllers, serial main and sub-controllers, serial controllers with terminal servers, network-enabled main controllers, IP controllers and IP readers.
  • Data Security
  • This service is crucial for every organization regardless of their nature or activity. Data security caters for protection on data access, data amendment, and data deletion. Actually, a strong data security policy makes an organization go towards the cloud or not.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • The main goal is to protect information, that is, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, as any event or problem threatening the security triangle (confidentiality, Integrity and availability) is considered a security threat that must be dealt with and resolved or put in place mechanisms or procedures to avoid or reduce its effects Our Services

    Namaa is a Expert Cybersecurity company, providing Cybersecurity solutions, consultancy, design and implementation serve andcovering the following segments:

    Endpoint Security XDR& EDR

    Privilege & Identity access Management

    DLP & Data Classification

    orensics & Visibility

    Sandboxing Solutions

    Web & Email Security

    SOC / SEIM solutions

    Cybersecurity Products Annual Renewals

    Cybersecurity Consultancy Risk Assessment

    UTM and NGFW (Next- Generation Firewall)

    Proxy Solutions

    VPN & Encryption

    Cybersecurity Products Annual Renewals

    Cybersecurity Consultancy Risk Assessment

    Pen Testing

    Cybersecurity Professional Services


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