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Namaa provides a range of professional services to the governmental and private sectors addressing the best ways in which they should use their resources. Such professional services enable them identify strengths and weaknesses, and how to convert weaknesses into strengths while empowering points of strength to enable reaching target business objectives. In addition, the company, in coordination with teams dedicated by such entities, will implement, publish and supervise the processes of assessment, re-engineering, implementation and evaluation. This will enable such entities enhance the efficiency of software applications and focus on more innovation and competitiveness advantage. This is secured through provision of specialized consulting services based on knowledge in the field of capacity and maturity models for information technology by focusing on improving the work necessary to build and maintain software applications and also through provision of an integrated architecture for application and quality life cycles.

  • Lifecycle Implementation Management
  • This service offers a proven approach to design, develop, and implement solutions to requirements and to assemble the product from the product components, ensure that the product, as integrated, functions properly, and deliver the product
  • Lifecycle Test Management
  • This service offers a proven approach to demonstrate that a product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment and how to ensure that the selected work products in the project meet their specified requirements.
  • Lifecycle Project consolidation
  • This service offers a proven approach to establish and maintain plans that define software project activities, provide an understanding of the software project's progress so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken when the project's performance deviates significantly from the plan, identify potential problems before they occur so that risk-handling activities can be planned and invoked as needed across the life of the product or project to mitigate adverse impacts on achieving objectives and establish and manage the project.
  • Process Optimization Services
  • This service offers a proven approach to demonstrate that a product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment and how to ensure that the selected work products in the project meet their specified requirements.
  • CMMI Assessment Services
  • This service offers conducting assessments based on CMMI to identify the strengths and improvement potentials of client's organization with regard to CMMI. Expect from our assessments tangible and precise findings about the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. These findings are a reliable starting point upon which you can plan the next steps of your CMMI improvement initiative.
  • CMMI Implementation Services
  • This service offers providing methods, processes and consulting for successfully reaching the CMMI maturity level as a target. NAMAA consultants have long term experience in CMMI and improvement. They bring knowledge, methods and techniques directly to projects and support client team in its improvement tasks.
  • Enterprise Project Management Services
  • NAMAA Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services help streamlining the governance and execution of portfolios of projects throughout the life cycles. Namaa Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services help streamlining the governance and execution of portfolios of projects throughout the life cycles – from proposal to post-implementation tracking of results and by improving the decision making, communication, risk management, and productivity within management processes, our EPM services help the client improve quality and project success rates, reduce cycle times, and increase throughput, resulting in increased ROI across the portfolio.
  • Governance using COBIT 5
  • Through COBIT 5 consultation service we provide our customers the following:
    • Standard IT modeling for easy reading and implementation.
    • Providing models for measuring achievement and performance.
    • Linking responsibilities and officials to the institution of all levels up to the level of IT systems.
    • Defining basic activity or activities of each department.
    • Defining departmental objectives.
    • Identifying performance indicators for each department.
    • A general model for measuring the performance of the institution.
  • Build and Run Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Based on long experience in PM & PMO, our experts provide a distinguished set of PM & PMO consultation services to organizations from any industry.
    We offer PMO consultation in the following areas:
    • Build your PMO.
    • Set PMO Vision & Mission.
    • Create / enhance your Project Management business polices, processes, and standards.
    • Set up your project dashboards and reports.
    • Define PMO performance KPIs & PMO Scorecard.
    • Set up your PM & PMO carrier structure and development path.
    • Set up PM repository for risks, lessons learned, and project documents.
  • Build an organizational Strategic Plan
  • Our experts can build strategic planning services for organizations. The strategic plan may include the following:
    • The mission and objectives of WHO are clearly, precisely and achievable within existing resources.
    • A clear and realistic vision for the organization that includes its future direction and the goals, hopes and aspirations of the organization to achieve it over the long term.
    • Quadripartite analysis or Swat or IE matrix analysis, where this analysis involves the identification and accurate monitoring of the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment of the Organization that comprise its human and non-human resources.
    • Identification of opportunities and threats that pose a clear risk to the work.
  • Information Technology Service Management using ITIL
  • Our experts can provide organizations with the standard international framework of IT service management framework ITIL. Through ITIL, organizations can:
    • Improve the quality of IT service.
    • Control costs with the level of service provided.
    • Provide a service level that meets the business needs and is consistent with the demands of User - Customer.
    • Integration with central processes.
    • Everyone knows (their role - responsibilities) in the service line.
    • Learning from past experiences.
    • Establish measurable performance benchmarks and indicators.
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Our experts can help organizations to build its suitable and with reliable enterprise architecture that provide the following:
    • Develop a roadmap and comprehensive initiatives to enable the organization to build capacity and fill gaps in all areas of the institutional structure (business, data, applications, technology).
    • Effectively align & integrate business & IT to achieve the Entity’s vision & strategic objectives.
    • Enabling the organization to implement effective governance by providing procedures & controls to govern changes affecting the organization’s business & structure.
    • Identify the principles & standards of an institutional structure that contributes to business efficiency, procedures, applications & technology.
    • Better utilize organization’s resources by identifying & strengthening services, applications, & technical components that are reusable or shareable, avoiding duplication and redundancy.

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