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Application Services

At Nama, we help define requirements, write specifications, design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms including web technologies. This enables systems to operate in more flexible operating environments using the full application lifecycle. In the current business environment, continuous changes require increasingly complex application solutions. They often expand beyond organizational and geographic boundaries. Accordingly we provide a full range of application services extending from the development of specialized programs such as electronic services gateways, data services, smart analytics and handheld device applications, which we update and maintain continuously through mechanisms of smart deployment of software packages, upgrades and consulting.

  • Requirements Engineering
  • This service offers standard approach and practices by which requirements are collected, analyzed, and synthesized into justifiable work items and for establishing the requirements documents, types, attributes and traceability in order to manage the software requirements.
  • Architecture and Design
  • This service offers comprehensive practices and standard approach for establishing the architecture and design of the software system including developing design models and underlying technology frameworks.
  • Packages Implementation
  • This service offers developing, organizing, unit testing and integrating the software components implemented based on the architecture and design specifications.
  • Software Testing
  • This service offers implementing quality control approach and best in software testing industry practices to demonstrate that software product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment.
  • Software Integrated Project Management
  • This service offers establishing and maintaining plans that define software project activities and providing the understanding of the software projects progress by managing issues, risks, schedules, resources, costs, configuration and quality assurance.
  • ECM Business Process Management
  • This service offers defining, executing, monitoring, and optimizing business processes consistently and reliably across organizations, systems, and applications, facilitating automation of both high- volume transactional processes and complex collaborative processes. Our services provide assistance and training in the use of the tools and technology that make up the product suite.
  • ECM Deployment
  • This service offers proven strategy for defining, deploying, and supporting enterprise content management across your organization, facilitating business scalability and user adoption.
  • Systems Reverse Engineering
  • This service offers realizing the functionality and architecture implementation of existing systems in terms of functions, code and data. NAMAA has the resources, tools and expertise that assist in the process of analyzing, realizing, designing, and architecting current applications and information systems of enterprises.
  • Systems Fabrication and Assembly
  • This service offers developing, fabricating, unit testing and integrating system components using Component-Based Development (CBD) approach and rewriting and porting of legacy systems applications to a modern and self-contained application components, libraries and protocols.
  • Data Conversion & Migration
  • This service offers implementing the process of migrating and converting data from legacy data stores, formats and computer systems to the new platform starting from migration planning and execution stages, to post-migration activities - as well as with detailed reporting and testing.
  • Systems Re-Platforming
  • This service offers migrating legacy systems applications from one physical environment to another with minimal impact to business continuity.
  • Modernization Planning, Architecture and Designing
  • This service offers developing roadmap and detailed plan that identifying modernization key business objectives and the path to achieve them. This roadmap highlights risks, corroborate expected results, and ensure that user, process, and technology issues are understood and aligned with business priorities.
  • Business Intelligence
  • This service offers architecting, creating, and deploying secure, high- performing BI environment using latest technologies that aligns to the organization business goals.
  • Portals & Enterprise Collaboration
  • This service offers developing full blown brand portals using portals technologies including understanding of advanced styles, catchy site templates, and base entry methods following our approach to align with business needs and satisfying portal audience requirements.

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