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VOIP & IP Telephony

Namaa World can help your company realize its full communications potential with a customized Voice over Internet Protocol system. Not only can converging traditional voice and data networks save our customers money, it increases efficiency and productivity.


Integrate voice, fax and e-mail messages into a single mailbox. Improve collaboration and communication by linking remote branches and home offices with the corporate office as if they are one. Utilize call center, call recording or computer telephony integration applications that simplify day-to-day operations and allow you to make the most of your phone system’s capabilities.


Namaa World offers the latest, state-of-the art enterprise solutions from Avaya and Cisco.


Namaa World Consultants will assess your network and design a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Namaa World makes installing and maintaining your communications system easy. Our structured cabling team provides the complete end-to-end solution for all voice, video and data applications.


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