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Telepresence & Video Conferencing

What do your employees need to get the job done? How is your company taking on these challenges? And what can you do to reduce distance and productivity barriers and allow your organization to become a high performance workplace?


No matter where your offices are located, and where your employees and partners live and work, to make fast collaborative decisions and power a high-performance workplace, you need tools that power easy, clear, real-time communications-the backbone of productive meetings-and real results. It’s a reasonable and desirable objective, but how do you make it happen?


Namaa world can help.


We’ve made it part of our business to enhance organizational productivity by supplying the technology and infrastructure you need for high-quality collaboration and strong teamwork.

Namaa solutions remove the barriers of distance through telepresence, video, voice, and content-sharing communications.

Our solutions bring relevant information to your fingertips using products that are already part of your business life.

What’s more, your organization can reduce its carbon footprint by relying on effective communications and meetings without the need for costly travel.


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