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Network Infrastructure

A quality infrastructure is of the utmost importance to all businesses. If the data flow is interrupted, so is business. Whether the infrastructure is local, campus-wide, regional, or national, if it's not stable, you run the risk of lost revenue and productivity. For six years Namaa World has provided network infrastructure design and support to government sector, private sector, banks, and many others. Our Network solutions are robust and scalable to meet your needs.

Namaa World designed infrastructure is a secure infrastructure. We employ the latest in encryption technology - taking no chances with your data assets. Our intrusion prevention and detection is top-notch. New threats and better standards are constantly emerging, requiring your system to be adaptive. That's why we offer services to monitor the health and security of your infrastructure.


Wireless Networks

Leading enterprises are increasingly looking at sophisticated wireless networks to support an expanding mobile user community and reduce capital and operating costs. But they can't afford any network tradeoffs as they struggle to support the escalating number of Wi-Fi devices in the enterprise.


Namaa World wireless solutions were designed from the ground up to meet these requirements – and more. In fact, wireless networks built on the adaptive 802.11n technology cost just 10% of a comparable wired build-out, allowing you to right size your network while upgrading efficiency and productivity.


Namaa World Wireless network solutions are based on:


- High Performance: Using world's fastest wireless controller and delivers the fastest real-world 802.11n throughput. Integrate wireless and wired data, voice, and video applications with the assurance of a consistent user experience.


- High Reliability: Using high reliability products which engineered to deliver years of reliable service. Equipment includes controllers with redundant modules, access points with dual ports, and automatic failover applications.


- Security: The integrated policy-enforcement firewall lets IT managers define policies on a per-application, per-user basis for wired and wireless networks of virtually any size. Features include flexible authentication, high security encryption, and integrated NAC for restricting unauthorized access.


- Scalability: centralized management and interlocking controllers let IT staff manage networks of virtually any size. Whether you have one large campus or distributed multi-national facilities.


Whether you require toll-quality voice, high-speed data, or streaming video across your campus, or across the world, Namaa World has a mobility network solution tailored to your needs.


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