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Disaster Recovery

While we do everything we can to keep your business up and running, planning for component failure is still the responsible thing to do. When components cease to operate properly, you need fast solutions.


Namaa World works with customers to design a Disaster Recovery Plan. Just as the emergency exit in your building is designed to sustain life, the DRP is your plan to avoid lengthy downtime and sustain cash flow.


We perform a risk-analysis on your system and help you determine the weakest links. We work together to help you fortify the weak spots, and then reinforce the whole system. With cold-spare servers, spare parts, and state-of-the-art recovery tools we can have you back up and running in less time than you would expect.


Our Disaster Recovery Planning Consultants can provide expert disaster recovery planning for your company. They have worked with all industries and have years of experience. The IT/Communications Disaster Recovery Planning team uses a phased approach to determine critical applications and critical timeframe to recover those applications. The deliverable is a fully-documented and tested disaster recovery plan. In addition, complete project management is provided to ensure on-time delivery.



We also:


- Work with your management to determine the key applications and data in your organization

- Help define your key system tolerance for downtime (recovery time objective) and how current the restored data (recovery point objective)

- Create a business impact analysis report

- Develop Disaster Recovery strategies & recommendations

- Implement & manage your companies DR Plan


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