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As your enterprise grows, scalability is a key. The addition of a server or two, an extra switch, a backup router - and before you know it, you find yourself in need of an organized datacenter that can grow as you do.


Our experts have designed datacenters for a number of customers. Our datacenter solutions have been implemented for ISPs, banks, manufacturers, and many other industries. When we design a datacenter, we ensure maximum uptime, zero loss of data, and predictive failure analysis.


Equipment fail-over, sustained power, off-site backup and bare-metal recovery is just a few of the characteristics of our datacenter designs. Allow us to come for a no-obligation assessment of your current needs. We will provide you with a reasonable quote that will enable your business to carry-on, and give you room to grow.

We design and implement the datacenters for our customers based on the Datacenters Tier Classification made by Uptime Institute.
Tier level Data center requirements
Tier 1 1) A single, non-redundant distribution path serving IT equipment.
2) Non-redundant capacity components.
Tier 2 1) All Tier 1 requirement.
2) Redundant capacity components.
Tier 3 1) All Tier 1 and 2 requirements.
2) Multiple independent distribution paths serving IT equipment. Generally, only one distribution path serves equipment at any given time.
3) All IT equipment is dual-powered and fully compatible within the topology of a site's architecture.
Tier 4 1) All Tier 1, 2 and 3 requirements.
2) The facility is fully fault-tolerant, through electrical, storage and distribution networks.
3) All cooling equipment is independently dual-powered, including chillers and HVAC systems.

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