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Namaa World was established in 2004 as Saudi Company providing IT products, services and solutions, especially tailored to serve Small, Medium, and Enterprise clients. The company has been founded by prominent and profound experts with over 20 years of experience in both information technology and Telecommunication. Namaa World has combined its expertise to provide lines of business which include but are not limited to:

System Integration, SW Development & Customization, Infrastructure & Telecommunication, Project Management & Consultation, Operation, Maintenance & Technical Support as well as Training Services.


  • Committed To Make A Difference

  • Namaa World is committed to provide its customers with quality products, solutions and services. Quality is a major ingredient of our value to our customers. Namaa World is committed to total customer satisfaction, by meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements. Namaa World performs on the basis of effective business processes, to provide value to our customers and stakeholders. Namaa World performs on the basis of realistic measurable objectives, with continual improvement as our standing prime goal, driving all our teams’ activities.




Operating in the enormously growing Information Technology environment that is characterized by aggressive competition, sophisticated business processes and massive number of business rules and operations is a challenge. Facing such a challenge depends on innovative and competitive technological solutions that Namaa World has been established to provide such technological solutions with a broad wide vision to be:

A leading IT Company providing High Quality State-of-the-Art technology to Local, Regional and Global Market.‖



To provide our customers with IT products, services, and solutions, especially designed to serve their needs and business requirements. Moving to the future, Namaa World remains committed to provide IT-Leading products and Services to maximize organizations' performance and Optimize IT resources. It also extends to create an atmosphere of satisfaction to ensure long-term success for our company and employees through the continuous improvement and our commitment to excellence, integrity and Team Work.



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